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A little about me

I'm Marina Broadley and I began my training in Contemporary Psychodynamic Counselling in 2002. This was an incredibly intense 4 year programme run by the University of Leicester. I think it was probably the most enlightening and transformational experience of my life.

I qualified with a distinction. A tremendous amount of heart-opening work had taken place and it needed to. I worked as a school and college counsellor in Leicestershire for a good few years, and also set up a private practice in Peckleton and Stoneygate.

Registered with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, my current private practices are located in Hinckley and Groby. The practice at Groby - this one - is a women-only counselling service.

About Marina Broadley. Marinalighter

More goodness

Along the way I found the miracle of mindfulness and eventually trained to teach. Another significant transformational time. No going back.
The way of mindfulness is my life. To say I love the practice is an understatement.

Small classes in mindfulness for beginners take place in Groby, Kirby Muxloe and Hinckley. We call the class 'A Peaceful Place' and 'The Breathing Space'. Isn't peace so much needed?

You can also come for 1-1 sessions if you prefer. Here is a link to my beautiful inspirational mindfulness website: Heart of Well Being

You and me

Its an interesting thing. Whilst qualifications matter very much, nobody asks, really. What we all seem to be more concerned about is the 'fit', how we interact together, how we relate to each other...

I come from place of thoughtful and kindful understanding. This is priority. This is powerful. All too often it is something that was, and perhaps still is, missing from our lives.

Counselling in person or counselling by phone - you choose

My therapeutic space is gentle. It is non-threatening. It is patient. It supports you where you are. Support is crucial. Again it was/is often absent in our lives. The space is reflective. It is calm and insightful. It offers you a safe space so you can allow yourself to let go, even just a little. This is often a complete revelation for women, who are often in the position of supporting and caring for everyone else.

Womens experiences

Where to start? There is so much that women are faced with. Children. Infertility. Loss of babies. Their own fractured childhoods. Partners. Sexual matters. Sexuality. Abortion. Abuse. Transitions. Body image. Society pressures. Post natal suffering. More transitions. Empty nests. Loss of loved ones. Menopause. Illness. Breast cancer. Cancer. Oh and so much more... I know these are not all gender specific but goodness, do they affect women from the inside out, on a very deep level.

About Marina Broadley. womanphone3

Book your appointment

There are two ways you can enjoy the benefits of counselling with me:

1. Face to face Counselling at my lovely practice location in Groby

2. Phone Counselling from wherever you happen to be

Both are pre-bookable and you can find out more by getting in touch with me: Enquire or Book Here

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