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In this pandemic and global fight against Covid-19, I am continuing with precautionary measures to ensure that Leicester Private Counselling is experienced as a safe and welcoming sanctuary for clients. This can mean a reduced number of in-person sessions are available.

Throughout this changing and challenging time, I continue to review processes and procedures to ensure the safety and well being for all.


I am fully vaccinated. This may be helpful for some of you to know. And in line with government guidance I am proceeding with caution.

Managing risk

Even though government restrictions are lifting/have lifted, we still have our own options for additional safety measures in order to manage the risk of transmitting infection. We can work together to create a setting/environment that works for both of us. For instance, although the room is a decent size and very well ventilated, there is an option to further increase the ventilation as we have three windows! This does mean however, that we could experience some outside noise.

Duty of care

I know that some clients are very nervous about Covid. Please know that I’m doing all I can to balance my duty of care to clients and take care of my own health - and that of our families.

There are times when I may be working with immunocompromised and clinically vulnerable clients and I will continue to protect everyone in the most effective way. You can feel confident that you’re coming somewhere that is looking after your safety.

Working together

Respectfully I ask for client co-operation for us to work together for maximum mutual protection in the room, as well as for the greater good. We each have different circumstances, needs, views and beliefs. And we are all in different places with confidence.

The bottom line is, we can talk it through, look at our options, adapt accordingly and work together to find a way that works best for all concerned.

Thank you.

Marina Broadley

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