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Hello, I'm Marina Broadley

I'm a British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy Psychodynamic Counsellor

I work from two professional practice locations.

Please take a look around:

The Stoneygate Counselling Practice (LE2)

The Hinckley Counselling Practice (LE10)

A Warm Welcome,

You've found me for a reason and you'll want to get an impression of me and a sense of whether I feel right for you. My hope is that you enjoy this website and gain hope from the help it offers. It is not the same as all the others.

There's a great deal of profound support on this website. If your time is limited and you can only read one page I would encourage you to go to 'Important: Living From Your Heart'. It may just be the start of everything becoming different.

My primary intention with this site is to offer you a sense of relief and a hopeful feeling that things can be very much better. You'll gain a sense of what I'm about, how I understand human issues, the way I see things, and how you would feel about meeting me. I hope that some of what I say resonates with you. And therefore, very likely vice versa.

If it helps, we can have a talk on the phone initially which may give you a further impression of how you would feel about meeting. This kind of introduction often helps. It could be the beginning of something remarkable.

Don't we all want an immediate fix?

Isn't that understandable? There really is no instant fix, sadly. We are way too complex for that. Deep down we all know this. It may have taken 30 years, for example, to shape our way-of-being - there is no absolute'fix' in one hour.

And yet, the start of counselling often brings a massive sense of relief, a change of perspective, a shift in mood and perception, a dropping away of 'symptoms', a shift of attitude, a feeling of optimism, ..... all great stuff. Important stuff for our bodies.

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Think about this

Behind every single one of us there's a family, endless generations and life experiences - essentially a long past, known and unknown. A history.

We're not just a bunch of abstract 'issues' that need 'resolving'; not everything can be fixed with medications and anti-this, that and the other.

This is not to say that meds aren't important. Of course, they are! BUT ALSO, we need to look at the expanded picture, look behind, look beyond.

The really great value in looking beyond the surface 'symptom'

The relief can be massive. The change lasting. Lives transform. This is no exageration. We can't simply deal with a symptom such as poor sleeping. Or 'stressed out'. Sometimes I wonder if our health care, our systems, our communities have somehow lost the concept that we're dealing with whole human beings? Which means there are always causes, reasons, meanings that lie at the root of our surface symptom. No exception.

Interestingly, we are not always too keen on like this idea. It means then that we have to do some work on ourselves. Take responsibility. We would prefer that our 'stressed out-ness' was due to him, her, them...... In part, it may be a contributory factor. But also, it is our own inner state that is reacting in a particular way to a particular situation, to a particular dynamic, to a particular circumstance or event. We are always playing a far more signifiacnt part than we realise.

Is yours a half-lived life?

You may think your life is manic, bursting full, non-stop. And that may be so. Yet it can still feel, at a deeper level, that you're not fully living. It can feel automatic, empty, meaningless.

Every single day is precious. Isn't it time now to open up to a new way of being? To make the shift to a happier, fully alive self? Perhaps you've been thinking about doing this for a very long time, trying hard to go it alone, trying hard to keep yourself going, keep yourself ok. At some level you're likely to be hurting whilst desperately trying not to hurt.

If you want things to change then the time is now, today. You've already done all the 'tomorrows'. It takes one push to move out of your (un)comfortable zone. Just step outside it. Stepping out of your half-lived life really needn't be such a dread. Make your appointment today

You can make the choice to love your life

You always have a choice. You can choose to take responsibility for your life. You can choose to put in the work. You can choose to commit. You can choose to acknowledge the truth. And this is where I can help. Or you can choose to to stay as you are and do nothing.

It all starts with stepping outside of your familiar zone

Now is the time to take personal responsibility. To take responsibility for your own life and how you shape and influence other lives! Now is the time to forge a new way, to go forward,to reach out and get some great assistance!

If you shudder at the very thought of 'reaching out and getting some great assistance' then see it differently! See me as a therapeutic partner, a sounding board, a fellow traveller, a guide, a mentor...

You've already started

You may feel that you're swaying like a pendulum between a real want to do this and the opposite, to do nothing. It can leave you feeling odd, maybe vulnerable, 'all over the place' and frankly, sensitive. The main thing to hold on to is the fact that you've acknowledged something really important to yourself. You've allowed yourself to let go of the immense pressure created by the denial that you are 'absolutely fine'. So what to do? You're unsure. This may help.
Allow yourself to recognise that the time for change is now

Even if you do nothing more at this particular time, you've made a start. By just this act of your 'looking around' - searching for 'the right someone' - you have already begun.

What kind of people do this? Is it for you?

It matters not if you're 18 or 88. It matters not what you 'do'. I can say with confidence that there really is no typical person, no typical profession, no typical age, no typical 'issue'.

I understand that you may feel unsure about how to describe your reason for getting in touch. Some people find it difficult to say why they have come. Yet they have a vague sense of hollowness, or of feeling incomplete. Or of terrible loss. You don't need to find a label: for instance, depression. It's ok to acknowledge that you just don't feel happy or good about your own self or life. Or that you are worried about how your life is panning out. Or that someone has died.

Or that you are just plain disappointed with your lot. And that feels gut wrenching.

Our emotions and feelings impact far more than we realise. Take serious illness for example - it isn't just about physical recovery. What about emotional recovery? This is so crucially important. You can't heal one without the other! People who have had a cancer diagnosis come and see me. I provide wonderful therapeutic cancer support in Leicester and Hinckley. Contact me.

Essentially people come because they want a better life - to feel differently about themselves. To let go of the past, to be able to let someone go, to live better, to stop the cycles of destruction, to be able to love, to get rid of the painful feelings/memories..... And if you are at this point you will want to do something about it now, not next year. Make your appointment today


We are all aware that a long wait for low cost / free counselling and therapy can be commonplace. Certainly not in every case - particularly not in an emergency situation - but more in general. You don't want to hear about, for example, a 6 month waiting list, limited number of sessions, availability only on a Tuesday morning etc. etc. What about how you feel today? Tomorrow? Next week? What about your own circumstances, your own availability?

Meanwhile, what do you do whilst on the 'waiting list'? Once the wait is over it's possible that you'll be offered a limited number of free sessions, but how does anyone know if they will feel better after say 6 sessions? What happens if you feel it is really helpful and you want to continue? Or, what if you don't feel particularly comfortable with the counsellor / therapist allocated to you?

...Or do it now

This is a private practice. Which of course means you pay. And yes, we're in a recession. Which may mean finances are tight.

But 'private' also means that you have control and choice. Many choices in fact. It's you who decides if, when, where, who with (very important) and for how long. It's you who can shop around. It's you who decides who and what is right for you. Having this kind of personal control matters to people, particularly when you feel as you do.

Furthermore, some people tell me that they don't feel comfortable asking their GP about (free of charge) counselling. It may be about a relationship problem for instance, or something that you simply don't feel warrants talking to your Doctor about.

Finding the who and the what that feels right for you is absolutely crucial. It's your money, your choice, your decision More
Increasing numbers of men, of all ages, are coming forward. 55% of my clients are male

P.S. If you know someone in grief, pass on my website. If you think you know better, for instance, that they should be 'moving on', please try and put that to one side. It will be your own deep (loss) self getting in the way. People need the right help. Do the right thing. Make the suggestion they call me.

The risks when internal pressure builds

Perhaps you know this kind of living all too well: the hidden pain and the ways you go about hiding it and keeping going. It's always there in the background but you try to keep on going. Holding everything inside creates a mass of internal pressure. It all has to go somewhere: sooner or later it has to break out somehow, somewhere. It can feel like living on a time-bomb.

How is it ok to continue accumilating this kind of internal pressure? - do something now. Isn't it worth a try, at least?

A session or two may be really comforting in a funny old way. Not least, a massive release of pressure. Real therapeutic understanding can go a tremendously long way, not only for your own self but also affecting those around you in a good way by continuing to ripple out. They pick up your vibes, remember. Make your appointment today

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What about men?

It may be unchartered territory yet somehow men are finding themselves in counselling in increasing numbers.

As little as 5 years ago only 15% of the people I saw were male. And currently? It's tipped over the halfway mark - currently 55% are male. That's quite something. More

Perfectly placed

The Stoneygatge Counselling Practice:The Leicester City Counselling Practice: Located on a quiet road within the heart of Stoneygate Leicester, close to the University of Leicester, De Montfort University and the LRI, the practice is easily accessible for people who live/work in the city and the Knighton, Clarendon Park and Oadby areas. There is a private car park.

The Hinckley Counselling Practice: The Leicestershire County Counselling Practice: My county practice is located in a really beautiful grade 11 listed building - a professional setting in central Hinckley. Many clients report a sense of calm here which helps them towards thinking and feeling differently. As the location is central people can come from local walking distance or from surrounding towns and villages. The parking is excellent. Visit Hinckley Counselling

Introduce yourself to the wonders of Mindfulness

I help people to experience how developing a straightforward Mindfulness practice can change their lives. These restorative, good-health sessions take place in Stoneygate and in Hinckley.

Mindfulness changes lives. It changes everything. This is it! Reserve your placeBOOK NOW

Personal Attention: One on One Mindfulness Training

If the one-on-one personal attention of individual Mindfulness training would suit you better than a small group, then contact me to book your private introductory session. This would be within either of the calm and restful environments of my practice locations in Stoneygate or Hinckley. Many people find that the beauty of one-on-one is their sense of freedom to say and be just as they are - they feel less inhibited.

Immediate help for companies and organisations

I offer my service as a provider of confidential counselling and support for public and private sector organisations, both in Leicestershire and throughout the UK. I work with both national EAP's and also directly with companies, providing face to face or phone counselling for your employees.

My professional history

I currently provide confidential counselling and therapy for men and women who are experiencing personal, emotional and relationship difficulties in their lives.

Several years ago, my first private practice was formed in West Leicestershire. Referrals and recommendations steadily increased which lead to the development of Leicester Private Counselling, a private practice located in the heart of both Stoneygate and more recently, in Hinckley.

I have many years experience working as a professionally qualified psychodynamic counsellor and I've worked with several hundreds of private clients who have either come directly or been recommended.

My core professional training was undertaken within the Counselling and Psychotherapy department at the University of Leicester, a training body renowned for clinical and academic excellence. I qualified several years ago with 'a distinction'. I am a member of BACP, a professional regulatory organisation which seeks to maintain high standards of ethical clinical practice.

The kind of professional training I embarked upon took several years to complete. This was not a superficial, quick fix, 'counselling skills course'. It was much much more. A deeply complex psychological understanding of human beings, how we develop, who we become, how we cope, how we heal: attachments, loss, pain, recovery.

I mention this because as in many professions, there are different levels of training. Does this matter to you? Maybe, maybe not. What will always matter however, is the type of person the counsellor is - the type of personality, the humanity, the humility, the sensitivity, the capacity to understand you in a way that you've possibly never experienced.

Why did I gravitate towards this profession? It may sound banal; because for me, nothing in life is more crucial than being ok with who we are and were always meant to be. If that's not right then internal stresses are ever present. We all to some extent unknowingly twist ourselves out of shape. And we all pay for this one way or another. It's the tragic loss of living a life that's hampered by (often underlying) misery and suffering that really gets to me.

I've worked professionally as a counsellor within many different contexts. My experience is wide: from counselling with hurting children and young people within schools and colleges to counselling with adults within organisations specialising in cancer support. I've been in private practice for almost 10 years.

There are many ways in which we can improve our lives, essentially our states-of-being in the world. Finding the right counsellor is but one way. Mindfulness is another. I trained to teach the incredible value of Mindfulness because it resonated deeply. My Mindfulness introduction sessions and classes in Leicester and Hinckley are profound ways to begin to change your life.

I also believe in the power of group support. We need each other. We all have so much to offer each other. We are connected in more ways than we realise. I facilitate recovery within small groups for people during or following physical ilness. Find out more

To those of you who are about to, and to those of you who have already let me in to your hearts, I am profoundly grateful. Thank you.

Referral or self-referral?

Whilst I sometimes accept referrals from Doctors, EAP's, Solicitors, Occupational Health specialists and other professionals, most men and women choose to confidentially self-refer.

You do not need to come via your GP or indeed via anyone! Just call or email and we can think through what feels ok for you right now.

The change starts with you. The choice starts with you. Choose to care a great deal about how you feel. Choose to love your life.

Kind regards,


Marina Broadley at Leicester Private Counselling and Hinckley Counselling:
a safe and professional private practice

love your life...it's good for you

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