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Welcoming women

Hello, I'm Marina Broadley, an experienced professional counsellor, and I specialise in helping women to get their lives back.

I am committed to listening to women and their needs. I know that counselling works wonders for women. I see it daily.

Some things just feel too difficult to share with friends and family. Don't we all need a safe space to unburden that which hurts? So many women tell me that they need to make sense of things. They need to understand their reactions and feelings. They need to be free of that which dominates their lives.

Its so hard to do this on your own. But together we can do this. Find out a little about me right here.

Without a doubt I know that counselling is the most natural way to recover, to get better, to move on, to get beyond the pain, to regain control, to feel happy again (or for the first time).

What an incredible process for women to experience - see here

The amazing thing is that there is no prescription required Want to set up an initial session with me? You can do this today. You have a choice. You can:

1. Come for counselling in person with me in Groby, Leicester LE6

2. Have phone counselling from wherever you happen to be in the UK

If you can't decide, call me. Together we can work out what's best for you: 07342 652090

Good for you

Counselling is extremely good for your health. Your physical health is definitely affected by how you feel. Remember that its a natural thing to unburden that which harms us. Its natures way. Yet somewhere along the way most of us learned to do just the opposite. We learned to block, push away, avoid, deflect, bottle up...

Women are good at putting on the front - yet its exhausting - more here

And this is exactly how the problems occur. Things happen... Painful events. Terrible shock. Trauma. Neglect, emotional or physical. Disinterested parents. Absent parents, perhaps emotionally. Losses. Family breakdowns. Unexpected medical diagnosis. Affairs. More about women's experiences right here.

Its not surprising women suffer. Often silently. Not many women had, or currently have, the opportunity to process their confusion, pain and distress. Who is there? What to say? How to explain?

So it all gets pushed down and blocked up inside. Yet symptoms appear... high anxiety, panic, depression, anger. Then your behaviour will change, to cope with the awful symptoms. And everything spirals out of control.

I see women daily. I see them change. Counselling is an incredible process that is vital for your health, and all those who are affected by you. I would say it transforms lives.

Welcoming women, far and wide. MUMandBabyhero

Easy going

There is tremendous value in talking about the things that really matter. There aren't always the 'right' people. We worry about others worrying about us. We worry about their reactions. It just may make things worse.

Counselling in person or counselling by phone - you choose

Yet talking to me, as your counsellor, all of those concerns can drop away. Because its a very different experience than talking with someone who is involved in your life. That person is part of the mix. And they may have an opinion based on their own experiences and view of life.

My women-only counselling space is easy going. Its an atmosphere that makes it easy or easier to talk together. Its a different talk to 'out there' in many ways - its therapeutic. Much needed.

Know this

In all my experience as a counsellor I know this: that which we take in, (as negative experience) remains. And the really sad thing is that this taints every single aspect of our lives. Nothing is left untouched. It colours our vision. Influences choices, decisions, including choice of partner. It eats away, silently.

It doesn't need to stay this way. You can come and see me. Or we can talk on the phone. This lovely practice is tucked away in Groby, Leicester, just ten minutes from the city. Respect rules. As does kindness and non-judgemental understanding.

Welcoming women, far and wide. womanphone2

Book your appointment with me

There are two ways you can enjoy the benefits of counselling with me:

1. Face to Face Counselling at my lovely practice location in Groby

2. Phone Counselling from wherever you happen to be

Both are pre-bookable and you can find out more by getting in touch with me: Enquire or Book Here

Marina Broadley: Private Counsellor in Groby, Leicester, Leicestershire

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