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Hello, I'm Marina Broadley, a private counsellor, and for the last 17 years I have helped women struggling with distressing personal circumstances.

My private practice is in the quiet village of Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire and I provide face to face counselling, online counselling and phone counselling.

I am a calm and respectful counsellor, something that’s very important when things may be feeling chaotic. You can learn more about my specialist work with women here: find out more

Counselling with me is a very different experience than talking with someone who is involved in your life. It can be as if that person is part of the mix. They may have an opinion based on their own experiences and view of life. And they might worry or misunderstand.

If you’re at a time when you need to make sense of things, better understand your reactions and feelings, and therefore be free of the worry that is taking over your life, I can help you.

Your health

We know that struggling with anxiety or stress and depression are very likely to be impacting your physical health.

It is completely natural to release anything harmful. And yet when it comes to distressing experiences and the stress that follows you may do just the opposite - you may bottle everything up.

Women are good at putting on the front - yet its exhausting - more here

Many of the women I help are suffering from the consequences of a disinterested and emotionally absent parent, a difficult mother-daughter relationship, an unexpected medical diagnosis or an unwanted change in their lives - and they feel a terrible sense of loss and grief.

This all has an affect on their health and the way they manage life. More about women's experiences right here.

I understand why things can get bottled up. Not many women had, or have, the opportunity to deal with their confusion, pain and distress. Who is there? What to say? How to explain? How will the other person react?

Is it any wonder that women often suffer silently?

The really good news is that everyday I see my clients changing. Counselling is an incredible process that is vital for your health, and the health and happiness of all those close to you. I see it literally transforming lives.


It doesn’t need to stay like this

Often when things are ignored and blocked up this can lead to anxiety, panic, depression and insomnia. And this definitely impacts every part of your life. Particularly your relationships. The knock on effects are many.

The great news is that it doesn’t need to stay this way. You can take positive action today.

It may not seem like it but whatever you have gone through or are currently experiencing, I can help you to deal with it in healthy way.

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You can begin to resolve your difficulties and feel much better. This can change the rest of your life.

As a private counsellor I work from my practice location in Kirby Muxloe, Leicester LE9.

Sessions are in-person, by phone or online by video call. I charge £68 for an hour long session.

Sessions are paid at the time of booking. This is non refundable but can be transferable, if needed. You can find out more by getting in touch with me: Enquire or Book Here

Or call me: 07342 652090

Disclaimer and Ethical Practice

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Marina Broadley: Private Psychodynamic Counsellor in Leicester - located in Kirby Muxloe village, Leicestershire LE9



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