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Everything is stress

Low lying unhappiness. Hidden worry. Background fear. Supressed anger. Disappointment. A sense of being wronged. Its all stress. Far more than we realise.

We may have a happy face. Or a cheerful way of being. Perhaps we appear far too busy and efficient to be suffering. But so much of the di-stress is kept out of sight. We have to keep going, we tell ourselves. So it all gets put in an inner compartment and on we go with our happy face. No one must know.

It builds up

Stress is negative thoughts. Its being here when we want to there. Its ruminating about what we believe shouldn't or should have happened. Its too much to do. Its fearing and despising another person. Its dread.

The effects are felt within our minds and hearts and all other organs. We don't want this. We want to feel free and light and understood. We want to understand why and how we have become the woman we are today. We want to process and make sense of what has happened.

We want to release the harmful feelings. This is empowering. To do this we need a safe therapeutic environment. I can support you well. Come and see me.

Why come. stonebow

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