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Overcome Worry Workshop

We all worry, But some of us worry too much and too intensely.

I see women who have become ill through worry. They say they can’t stop. It’s like a terrible compulsive addiction. And like all addictions, it’s ruining their life.

Worry can get a hold quickly and the anxiety it creates can be overwhelming.

Overcome Worry Workshop. Worry W

The effects

You know the effects of worrying. You live with them. They wipe you out at times.

The problem is you don’t know the health effects - that is until you’re diagnosed with something. But the evidence is there. The research is there.

Worry cause us to feel intense stress and anxiety. It causes us to feel fear. This then causes inflammation in our bodies. High blood pressure. And other nasties.

It awful. And it’s serious. Every single one of us would benefit hugely from changing this.

Overcoming worry

I see women who have been worried, anxious and under stress for donkeys years. It may flare up and it may die down. But they haven’t dealt with it. They haven’t tried to. It’s as if they’ve accepted it as who they are. Like an identity.

But you can change it! You can do the work. You can overcome worry. At any point in your life you can make the decision to deal with it. It’s that simple. You decide to deal with it or not.

The workshop

The workshop is relaxed and low key. (Please don’t worry about it). It is a small group of women who are serious about wanting to feel much better, and of course live happier lives.

The workshop is kind. I say this because worrying often makes you feel low and vulnerable. Kindness is comfort.

The workshop is non judgmental. Don’t we all really need this?

The workshop is empowering. Not rah rah rah. Gently empowering. Much needed, when you feel powerless to stop your mind worrying.

The workshop is authentic and down to earth. No silly guidance that’s a million miles away from your day to day experiences.

Book your place

It Saturday July 9th. 10am - 11.30am. In Kirby Muxloe. The cost is £30 paid at the time of booking. This is non refundable.

You can call me on 07342 652090 or email me here: Email Contact Form

Thank you and I look forward to helping you.

Best wishes, Marina

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