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The front

Rarely do any of us talk about deeper things. We bottle things up and put on the front. It may feel like the only way. Talking may make it worse. And you wonder.... talk to who? You imagine saying it all to partner, friend, parent... oh no. Where do you start? And what on earth will they think? How will it change anything? How will it change your relationship with that person? Will you wish you'd never mentioned it....?

And so, nothing gets done. All stays inside. You continue to suffer. Your health declines.

But wait a minute! You can come and see a counsellor - after all, isn't that all about 'talking'? But where will it get you? What will it lead to? Does it work? Will it help? What if it just opens up a can of worms? How can another person possibly understand?

So you go back to putting on the front. Yet chances are that you're exhausted and feel quite unwell at times.

Decision made

Somehow something propels women forward into picking up the phone, sending an email. They have usually reached that point - it feels like rock bottom. Its often the way. It just keeps being avoided. Until it can't anymore.

And yet, and yet, that first session can be the most blessed relief ever! All the pre-conceived ideas fly out the window.

There can be a real shift in the way you feel. Already.

Incredible process

The women I work with gain on so many levels. Of course, feeling better, is the obvious one. But beyond the obvious, their health improves because their immune system functions better. They feel empowered. They can make decisions more easily - often ending something that no longer serves them. They get their life back. Clarity is born!

They feel deeply understood, perhaps for the first time - this alone allows stress to drop away. They feel lighter, hopeful and less defended. They realise what their behaviour is about. This brings closure. They realise what matters.

They look at their loved ones in a different way. Their relationships are deeper and more loving. They sleep well!

Their priorities shift. And it doesn't stop there... the changes in you radiate out. So everyone you come into contact with benefits. Essentially those closest.

Remember, how it was for you in the past? You can repeat it so easily. Or not. Or you can realise and stop.

But it is not always easy, this process. It can bring up feelings that you've buried for decades. What is important to know is that whatever stays in your system, in terms of feelings, will always affect you. Or make you ill. It simply has to be worked through.

So, make the first appointment. So many women I work with find that the first session brings such a release. And what a great start. Even if you wanted to leave it at that, then something will have already shifted inside.

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You can enjoy the benefits of counselling with me: Face to Face Counselling at my lovely practice location in Kirby Muxloe, LE9.

Whatever your life circumstances, be assured that you will be sharing your world with a warm, non-judgemental, respectful and compassionate counsellor. My daily work includes helping people through the most painful of life experiences.

Sessions are pre-bookable and you can find out more by getting in touch with me: Enquire or Book Here


Your Happiness. stonebow

Marina Broadley: Private Counsellor in Kirby Muxloe, Leicester, Leicestershire

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