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Now more than ever do we need well-being at work. Do any of us really realise the harm that is created by being surrounded by workplace stress?

Businesses and organisations all over the world are waking up to one simple fact:

People become ill through stress and fear. When people are under stress they are unhappy. They are tired. They are resentful. They don't care about their employers bottom line or their productivity.

People become ill through stress and fear

They turn up, that's all. Its only a matter of time and the business or organisation will begin to suffer.

You know this. I know this. Its rampant. And it is toxic.

Make the change

So if you are a HR Manager or a business owner then lead by example. Be the change you want to see happening. Nothing good will ever come from unhappiness, overwhelm and stress.

Only wellness wins. Here’s what is available:

1. Private Counselling at Work, on site. You can offer your valued colleagues the option of counselling with me. We can arrange a number of company paid sessions to take place within an appropriate private room at your location.

2. Mindfulness at Work , on site. You can offer all your staff lunchtime mindfulness sessions within your workplace. I can run group sessions at times to suit.

So as a business owner or HR Manager start with yourself. Change your own attitude to stress. Do the research. Realise that sometimes people struggle. Realise too that struggle is contagious. Decide to make company paid well-being an essential part of the business.

So if you are struggling to work right now, pass this on to the relevant person. They can call me and arrange off site counselling or on site mindfulness.

If you are coming to see me for company paid counselling, be assured that your privacy and confidentiality is paramount. Your employer will simply know the time and dates of sessions.

Well wishes,



Marina Broadley: Private Counsellor in Kirby Muxloe, Leicester, Leicestershire

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