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Private Mindfulness Sessions and Mindfulness Group

Mindfulness is not counselling. But it is highly therapeutic. For many, world wide, this ancient practice is transforming their lives. This is not an overstatement.

I trained to teach mindfulness. And, for a few years I have been teaching group classes. The focus is on women's health issues and their well-being needs. I now also teach privately, which is so transformational.

Change happens quickly. Symptoms are relieved and a calmness settles in. The private sessions are awesome.

Currently I am only running private 1:1 beginners sessions, by phone or video, priced at £40

And the groups? The small groups are amazing - it turns out that rather than listen to me waffling on, some women voluntarily want to share their personal struggle.

There is often tears and laughter.

As a broad example - I see young pre and post natal women, to peri and post menopausal mid-life women, to older women, some with health issues, - all the life stage throw up particular issues and stresses.

We all find huge health benefits in the teachings and the actual experience of practice, which includes breath-work and meditations that soothe and calm the nervous system.

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Book a private session or book on the next group session

The seated sessions involve teaching the practice, breathwork, meditations and discovering what our pesky minds are up to.

We see how we unknowingly add to our distress.

When we practice, we evolve, transform, grow and become more aware of how we make ourselves unwell. (Unintentionally of course).

The private sessions are for 1 hour and the cost is £50.00. This is for up to 2 women, so you can see me on your own or bring a friend or relative.

The group sessions are for 1.5 hours and the cost is £25.00. They are held monthly, at my home, and the maximum number is 6. Payment secures your place. Payment is non-refundable/transferable. .

This can be used as Continued Professional Development (CPD) if applicable to you. Just ask me for confirmation of attendance.

We sit on a comfortable chairs. I say this because as it happens, many women have said they were worried about the thought of sitting on the floor, and having to get themselves in a funny position.

There is no need to worry. It is a very sensible and simplistic practice and fits perfectly with contemporary life.

Sound good? To book or have a chat with me either call me, Marina on 07342 652090 Or email me here

Please note, I cannot partake in a dual relationship with you. The relationship we have is either mindfulness client and teacher, or counselling client and counsellor. They are different.

Marina Broadley: Private Counsellor and Mindfulness Teacher in Kirby Muxloe, Leicester, Leicestershire

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